Multi-Channel Spectral Sensor Improves Mobile Color & Light Measurement

The AS7341 miniature spectral sensor chip from ams brings laboratory-grade multi-channel color analysis capability to portable and mobile devices. Reportedly, the component produces more precise spectral measurements in a wider range of lighting conditions than comparable sensors. Its small dimensions also mean that it is easier to fit in mobile phones and other portable devices.


The AS7341 boasts improved performance in mobile phone cameras, as the chip’s accurate spectral measurements enable better automatic white balancing, more reliable light source identification, and integrated flicker detection. The technology will more accurately reproduce colors and minimize distortion of ambient light sources, resulting in sharper, clearer and more true-to-color photographs. The AS7341 also will enable consumers to use their mobile devices to match the colors of objects such as fabrics through using color references like the PANTONE Color System.


The AS7341 is a complete spectral sensing system housed in a 3.1 mm x 2 mm x 1 mm LGA package with aperture. It is an 11-channel device with eight of the channels covering equally spaced portions of the visible light spectrum. The device also features a near infrared channel, a clear channel, and a channel dedicated to the detection of typical ambient light flicker at a frequency of 50 Hz up to 1kHz.


Beside camera image optimization, the AS7341 spectral sensor also supports various applications, such general color measurement of materials or fluids, skin tone measurement, and others. Unit pricing is $2 each/10,000. For more details, proceed to the AS7341 product page.

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