Multi-cell battery monitors increase safety, protection for 12-V to 48-V industrial Li-ion batteries

DALLAS, TX -- Texas Instruments introduces the first scalable, multi-cell battery monitors that significantly improve battery pack safety and reduce design time of 12-V to 48-V lithium-ion and lithium-iron phosphate batteries used in e-bikes, power tools and energy storage systems. The new bq76920, bq76930 and bq76940 circuits efficiently protect and control 3- to 15-cell batteries when charging or operating in harsh environment conditions.

Cell balancing, reliable protection

The advanced monitors incorporate cell-balancing drivers, regulated output supplies and other unique features to reduce external component count and provide heightened protection against overvoltage, undervoltage and overcurrent conditions. Simplifying battery design and optimizing board space, the bq76920 supports 3- to 5-series cells or typical 18-V packs; the bq76930 manages up to 10-series cells or 36-V packs; and bq76940 monitors up to 15 cells or typical 48-V batteries.

Designers can jump-start their battery designs with three new reference boards.
• 18-V Battery Monitoring (bq76920EVM) supports 3- to 5-series cell packs, and includes the bq76920, a battery management controller for complete monitoring and protection, an interface adapter and software to evaluate register control and configuration.
• 36-V Battery Monitoring (bq76930EVM) supports 6- to 10-series cell batteries, and includes the bq76930, a battery management controller for monitoring and protection, an interface adapter and evaluation software.
• 48-V Battery Monitoring (bq76940EVM) supports 9- to 15-cell batteries, and includes the bq76940, a battery management controller for complete monitoring and protection, an interface adapter and evaluation software.

Features and benefits of bq76920, bq76930 and bq76940:
• Industry's first scalable analog front-end battery monitors: Protects and controls up to 15 lithium-ion or lithium-iron phosphate cells, including 12-V, 18-V, 24-V, 36-V and 48-V battery packs.
• Complete battery measurement: Accurately measures cell voltages, temperature and pack current to determine remaining battery capacity and battery state-of-health.
• Built-in hardware protection: Cell balancing, integrated analog-to-digital converters and built-in hardware protection provide the highest degree of battery safety.
• Feature integration: Reduces board space as much 30 percent, and minimizes bill of materials.
• Fast development time: Unified digital interface across all three devices – from 18 V to 48 V or higher – and saves significant time, effort and cost.

Availability and pricing

The bq76920, bq76930 and bq76940 multi-cell battery monitors are available in volume production through TI and its worldwide network of authorized distributors. The bq76920 comes in a 20-pin, 4.4-mm by 6.5mm TSSOP package with a suggested resale price of US$1.50 each in 1,000-unit quantities; the bq76930 comes in a 30-pin, 4.4-mm by 7.8mm TSSOP package with a suggested resale price of US$2.75 each in 1,000-unit quantities; and the bq76940 comes in a 44-pin, 4.4-mm by 11.3mm TSSOP package with a suggested resale price of US$3.95 each in 1,000-unit quantities.

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