Multi-Axis Hall Effect Joystick Steps Up To The Plate

APEM launches its JC series, a multi-axis Hall effect joystick designed specifically for keyboard integration. The JC series measures 26 mm below panel, making it viable where space is limited, and precision control is required. Applications include security and surveillance cameras, medical devices, and measurement systems.  


The JC series relies on proven Hall effect technology to provide up to five-million lifecycles of control. With over a dozen handle options, the component may be configured with up to three axes and two pushbuttons. It features a precision spring centering mechanism that provides an optimal return-to-center voltage of 80 mV. 

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The JC series is intended for clean environment indoor applications with an operating temperature ranging from -25°C to +80°C.

It will replace the company’s best-selling HFX Side Plate series.  The JC series features identical mounting cut-out dimensions and is backwards compatible to all HFX Side Plate series’ applications. For more details and specs, take a gander at the JC series product page, call 877-246-7890 and/or email [email protected].


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