MTS Sensors Develops New Modbus Terminals

CARY, NC -- MTS Sensors has launched a new line of Modbus Terminals to accompany the Level Plus Model MG liquid level transmitter. The line of Modbus Terminals includes a touchscreen terminal as well as a LCD terminal. The touchscreen terminal has been designed to offer a graphical display of tank data including the product level, water level, temperature, and volume and intended to be placed in the control room. The LCD terminal offers a numerical display of tank data that can be mounted in the control room or in the tank farm for local indication.

All Modbus terminals ship fully programmed to connect directly to the Model MG level transmitter without any additional programming. Each terminal is mounted in a NEMA 4X enclosure and has an UV rated display. The terminal accepts Modbus RTU and outputs Modbus RTU to a plant wide system (PLC, DCS, SCADA). The terminal features the ability to calibrate tank levels, audible alarms and includes visual diagnostics. In addition, relays and 4–20 mA output signals are optional for each terminal.

"The introduction of the Modbus Terminals have changed our offering from providing level transmitters to providing a solution for tank inventory management," said Lee Aiken, product marketing manager at MTS Sensors.

"MTS Sensors is now able to offer a solution that provides a cost effective method of displaying tank level data."

The touchscreen Modbus terminal can display up to 32 tanks illustrating product level, interface level, temperature and volume on a 10 inch screen. The user can also select individual tanks to display a full screen view. The LCD Modbus terminal can display up to 8 tanks showing product level, interface level, and temperature. If the user would like to also display volume information, up to 4 tanks can be shown.

The Model MG level transmitter satisfies the demand for a digital communication interface in the liquid-level marketplace for vessels from 508 mm (20 in.) to 22,000 mm (866 in.). Outputs for the Model MG include Modbus, DDA (proprietary ASCII protocol), and FOUNDATION(TM) Fieldbus. The Model MG transmitter features 3-in-1 measurement of the product level, interface level, and the average temperature for up to 12 temperature points while utilizing a single process opening, thus eliminating the need for a separate level and temperature transmitter. Designed for inventory control, the Model MG is accurate to at least 1/16th of an inch and also provides volume measurement from a 100-point strap table that the user loads into the transmitter. By incorporating the strap table into the transmitter, the user does not need multiple copies of the strap table or to code the additional formulas.

For more information on MTS Sensors and liquid level measurement, please contact: Lee Aiken, MTS Sensors Division, 3001 Sheldon Drive, Cary, NC 27513. Phone: (919) 677-2373. E-mail [email protected] or visit the MTS Sensors Web site.

About MTS Sensors
MTS Sensors, a division of MTS Systems Corp., is the global leader in the development and production of magnetostrictive linear-position and liquid-level sensors. Based on MTS' patented Temposonics technology, the Sensors Division is continually developing new ways to apply magnetostrictive sensing technology to solve critical applications in a variety of markets worldwide. With facilities in the U.S., Germany, Japan and China, MTS Sensors Division is an ISO 9001 certified supplier committed to providing innovative sensing solutions.

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