MRV Offers LX 4108T Remote Site Manager

CHATSWORTH, CA--(BUSINESS WIRE)--MRV Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq:MRVC), a leading provider of products and services for out-of-band networking, optical transport, metro Ethernet, and fiber optic components announced the LX 4108T Remote Site Manager, one of the most complete remote-site out-of-band management systems on the market today, delivering console, power and sensor management in a single system. The new product further expands MRV's LX 4000 family of out-of-band networking solutions for enterprises, service providers and carriers.

The LX 4108T Remote Site Manager is a one rack unit high device ideally suited for wireless network sites, remote telecom locations, branch offices, manufacturing facilities and data centers where space, power and remote management are key issues. When deployed at un-staffed facilities utilizing lights-out management, the 4108T can manage all communications equipment, power sources, physical and environmental conditions from any remote location. These capabilities greatly improve system availability while also reducing staffing costs, as on-site technical staff is not required to perform hands-on troubleshooting tasks such as rebooting locked-up equipment.

The device has eight serial ports, providing remote network connectivity to serially attached devices such as switches, routers and servers, via RS-232, Ethernet and/or V.92 modem connections. Sensor and alarm management is also integrated into each serial port, further consolidating multiple management functions into the device. Power connectivity is provided by four 5-20R outlets with a maximum overall device rating of 20 Amps. Further easing installation tasks, the device includes eight RJ45 10/100 Ethernet switch ports providing connectivity for additional devices and removing the need to install a separate standalone Ethernet device. Leveraging the industry leading software features of the LX Series console servers, a number of security mechanisms including RADIUS, SecurID, TACACS+, SSHv2, SNMPv3, and SSL are supported ensuring secure communications from any location.

Power and environmental conditions play a large part in determining the availability of communications networks today. Advanced power monitoring provides unparalleled troubleshooting and planning tools including utilization statistics for each individual power outlet. The 4108T provides the ability to enable/disable individual power outlets allowing unresponsive devices to be rebooted without the need to physically access the device. Environmental conditions can also drastically affect network reliability in remote locations. The 4108T provides the ability to monitor temperature, humidity, and moisture which are common causes of outages in remote locations such as environmental vaults, kiosks, and other un-staffed locations.

WiBand Communications, one of Canada's premier fixed wireless broadband network solution providers and a market leader in the field, is currently evaluating the LX 4108T Remote Site Manager in its network and is considering the device for deployment across its entire network. WiBand specializes in the construction of high-speed outdoor wireless networks and has thousands of customers across Western Canada.

"This new member of the LX family provides a great value-add for us and greatly eases the management of our wide geographic equipment footprint," said Curtis Albrecht, WiBand's vice president of operations. "This versatile device is a highly cost-effective solution that will greatly reduce our service costs and increases our network availability."

Albrecht said use of the LX4108T increases the quality and reliability of the company's network. Because the company's serving area is so vast, sending a team to fix a problem can be a two-day event. Saving even a few of these trips through the use of the remote OOB solution makes the solution a "no-brainer from a financial sense," he said. The small form factor also provides a great benefit in co-location environments where space is at a premium.

MRV's unique trigger/action capability is able to notify network administrators via cell phone (SMS), pager and/or SNMP traps based on preconfigured events occurring such as a power outage, temperature change, and/or network connectivity disruption. In addition to notifications, automated actions can be configured to activate devices such as relays, generators, lights, sirens, etc., in response to any triggering event.

About the LX Series
The LX Series of out-of-band networking products provides the redundancy and security features to deploy a complete, end-to-end solution in which network and system administrators can proactively respond to all remote management, configuration and data acquisition needs from any location. In addition to remotely accessible console servers, the series also includes intelligent power management and sensor networking management capabilities. The LX 4108T Remote Network Infrastructure Manager is available immediately at prices starting at $2,180.

About MRV Communications, Inc.
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