MPS launched 180V, 16-Channel, Analog Switch Multiplexer for Ultrasound Applications

SAN JOSE, CA -- Monolithic Power Systems, Inc. launches two new high-voltage analog switch ICs, the MP4816A and MP4816, for medical ultrasound imaging applications.

The 180V, 16-channel, analog switches can pass or block transmit signals of up to ±90V and require no high-voltage supplies. Because other legacy solutions require one positive and one negative high-voltage supply, eliminating these two supplies would significantly simplify the power supply design and lowers power dissipation. Support circuitry, such as power up/down sequencers, are also eliminated. These new ICs will reduce the size and cost and increase reliability of the system.

As the medical ultrasound market trend increases the number of piezoelectric transducers in the probe head, the MP4816A and MP4816 become ideal solutions by eliminating any safety concerns with high-voltage DC lines on the cables. Both the MP4816A and MP4816 output switches are configured as sixteen single-pole, single-throw (SPST) analog switches controlled by a 16-bit serial shift register with parallel latches. Typical output switch resistance is only 12.5Ω to minimize signal attenuation and thereby maximize image quality. The MP4816A has an integrated output bleed resistor, whereas the MP4816 does not.

Both parts are available in 48-pin TQFP packages. Samples are available now. For further info, go to


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