Mozart For Plants, Miley For Solar Cells?

Going back into the dark ages of the 1960s and early 1970s, researchers were claiming that classical music was beneficial for your plants. Playing the gentle strains of Mozart and the passionate stirrings of Brahms and Beethoven in the garden seemed to improve flower and vegetable growth, longevity, and overall quality. On the flipside, playing hard rock or pop music had the inverse effect.

Interestingly enough, researchers are now finding that hard rock or pop music can improve the efficiency of solar cells. Scientists at Queen Mary University of London and Imperial College London claim that the higher frequencies common to pop and rock music cause vibrations that enhance energy generation in solar cells containing ‘nanorods’. They report efficiency boosts in the realm of 40% over general ambient conditions.

You can read a more in-depth report and view a demonstration video at Something to think about and prepare for if you are planning to grow tomatoes and roses in your backyard while installing solar panels on the roof. Lay in a good supply of MP3s: Mozart for the yard, Miley Cyrus for the roof.


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