Mouser to Distribute Fairchild’s Xsens 3D Motion Tracking Solutions

Mouser Electronics, Inc. announces it has expanded its global distribution agreement and partnership with Fairchild Semiconductor to include Xsens. An independent subsidiary of Fairchild, Xsens is recognized worldwide as a leading innovator in 3D motion tracking technology. As part of Fairchild, the synergy of the two companies brings a variety of low-power, state-of-the-art sensor solutions that serve not only traditional industrial and mobile markets, but new, emerging markets including smart interconnected devices (the Internet of Things) and cloud-based wearable sensor accessories.

The Xsens product line, now available from Mouser Electronics, is a culmination of close to 15 years of experience and innovation. Xsens has deployed tens of thousands of motion trackers and motion-capture solutions across a wide range of product areas, including 3D character animation, rehabilitation, sports science and robot and camera stabilization. The company’s multi-sensor data fusion algorithms, which combine inertial sensors with aiding technologies such as GPS, RF positioning and biomechanical modeling, enables a seamless interaction between the physical and the digital world.

"Having an industry icon like Fairchild Semiconductor combining its technology and resources with the leading innovator in 3D motion, Xsens, is truly a win-win for Mouser customers,” said Kristin Schuetter, Mouser Vice President of Supplier Management. "This powerful partnership, along with our leading customer service and support, will help the company globally distribute some of the most cutting-edge sensor solutions available in the market today."

The Xsens 3D motion tracking product portfolio combines MEMS (Micro-electromechanical systems) motion tracking solutions with Xsens’ sensor fusion software. Together, these technologies are used in many Xsens solutions that include inertial motion tracker units for industrial control and stabilization, and wireless wearable motion capture solutions for entertainment, health and fitness. This expanded Fairchild product offering of both MEMS and other inertial sensor and motion capture-based solutions will soon be offered to Mouser customers as part of the company’s new product line card.

"Our partnership with Mouser will offer Xsens an even greater opportunity to expand our current customer base,” said Joseph Notaro, regional VP for worldwide motion tracking sales and business development at Fairchild. “Mouser's expertise in technology, product introduction, e-commerce, and distribution will be a great asset as we continue to grow our entire motion tracking solutions portfolio."

Xsens was acquired by Fairchild Semiconductor – an industry icon delivering power solutions for the mobile, industrial, cloud, automotive, lighting, and computing industries – in 2014.

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