Mouser Now Shipping Atmel’s AT30TSE004A Combination Digital Temperature Sensor and Serial EEPROM

Mouser Now Shipping Atmel’s AT30TSE004A Combination Digital Temperature Sensor and Serial EEPROM
Atmel Corp.

Mouser Electronics, Inc. is now stocking the AT30TSE004A Digital Temperature Sensor from Atmel. Combining a temperature sensor with 4Kbit Serial EEPROM, the AT30TSE004A is designed for DRAM memory modules that support Serial Presence Detect (SPD). The AT30TSE004A is protocol compatible with legacy JEDEC TSE2002av specification (2Kbit) devices, and can be utilized in legacy applications without any software changes.

The Atmel AT30TSE004A Digital Temperature Sensor, available from Mouser Electronics, contains 4K‑bits of Serially EEPROM organized as 512‑bytes of eight bits each. Designed specifically for DRAM memory modules with Serial Presence Detect (SPD), the AT30TSE004A can store a DRAM module's vital product data such as size, speed, voltage, data width and timing parameters. In addition to the EEPROM, an integrated temperature sensor converts temperatures from -20°C to +125°C to a digital word, with an accuracy of ±1.0°C over +75°C to +95°C.

Other features of Atmel’s AT30TSE004A include an industry standard 2‑wire I²C Fast-Mode Plus (FM+) compatible serial interface which allows communication speeds up to 1MHz, and a Reversible Software Write Protection (RSWP) feature that enables developers to selectively write‑protect any or all of the four 128-byte quadrants.

Atmel’s AT30TSE004A EEPROM with Digital Temperature Sensor supports JEDEC TSE2002av specification (2Kbit) legacy devices without any software changes. This is accomplished using a special page addressing method that selects the upper or lower half of the Serial EEPROM for legacy compatibility.

The AT30TSE004A is ideally suited to a variety of sensor applications targeted for industrial automation, home appliances, home entertainment, lighting, security, broadcast, mobile electronics, PC peripherals and Smart Grid/Smart Energy technology.

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