Motorola Tests, Validates Wireless Parking System

BANNOCKBURN,IL--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Integrated Parking Solutions, Inc. (IPS) (OTC: IGPK), the leader in the design, development and implementation of wireless parking technology, announced that the company's wireless parking solutions have been tested and validated by Motorola for use on Motorola's Canopy Wireless, MOTOMESH, and HotZone Duo wireless broadband networks as a part of the MOTOwi4 ready application program.

The Integrated Parking Solutions' products validated include MApp Parking Enforcement, IntegratorPro Intelligent Parking Management Software, SkyLink Wireless Router, BumperLink Vehicle Detector, GroundLink Vehicle Detector and MeterLink wireless solutions.

Delivering network-ready applications across customer segments, the Motorola MOTOwi4 Ready application ecosystem supports Motorola access technologies including mesh, point-to-point, Canopy and eventually WiMAX solutions for private and public networks. The ecosystem leverages Motorola's 75 plus years of experience to create one of the industry's largest and most reliable offering of wireless broadband applications for municipal wireless networks.

William P. Dugan, IPS Chairman said, "We are looking forward to working with Motorola to implement our wireless parking management solution technology as a complement to their access technologies worldwide."

About Integrated Parking Solutions
Integrated Parking Solutions is a leading provider of turn-key mobile handheld enforcement solutions for on-street and off-street parking for universities, corporations and some of the nation's largest municipalities. Also, the Company designs, develops and implements the most advanced wireless data acquisition and communication products specifically designed for the expanding needs of parking and intelligent transportation industries.

Integrated Parking Solutions, Inc.
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