Motor Pulley Torque Sensor from Sensor Developments

Motor Pulley Torque Sensor from Sensor Developments
Sensor Developments Inc.

The Model 01287 from Sensor Developments Inc., Lake Orion, MI, is a motor pulley torque sensor that can resolve low torque levels while being exposed to high radial loads created by belt drive systems. Torque capacities range from 100 in.-lb. to 10,000 in.-lb. The sensor can replace a standard pulley system to monitor real-time torque while engines, generators, fluid pumps, or other motor-driven equipment are operating. The custom sensor can be adapted to a range of belt drive systems and can be installed in a dynamometer test stand or on vehicle.

Contact Info

Company: Sensor Developments Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 888-736-7671/248-391-3000
Fax: 248-391-0107

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