Motor Feedback Encoders Exploit HIPERFACE

An option for SICK’s SES/SEM70 and 90 motor-feedback encoders features an industrial HIPERFACE standard interface and a multiturn function for additional measuring of revolutions. The motor-feedback systems are available in 25-mm and 55-mm diameters that use holistic sensing capacitive technology, making them unaffected by external influences such as electromagnetic interference and humidity. In addition, the design gives it high shock and vibration resistance, which makes them more rugged and reliable. The SES/SEM70/90 can be directly mounted onto the shaft without additional mounting tools for quick installation and makes transmission components, such as timing belts or couplings, unnecessary.


In addition, the SES/SEM70/90 have single and multiturn versions available. The mechanical multiturn function takes additional revolution measurements without the need for additional components such as external batteries and cables. The mechanical aspect eliminates loss of the absolute position due to a dead battery. For more information visit the SES/SEM70/90 Motor Feedback Encoders product page.

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