Motor Control Kits from Technosoft

Motor Control Kits from Technosoft

The MxK28335 DSC motor control kits from Technosoft, Bevaix, Switzerland, are based on the company's TMS320F28335 floating-point DSC and offer a range of tools for designing DSP-based motor control applications. The kits modular construction lets you upgrade from a simpler kit to a more powerful one as necessary. The DSC boards offer 150 MIPS, combined with a double-event manager able to drive up to 18 PWM and 16 ADCs, an embedded CAN interface, and the ability to connect to a PC via an RS-232 interface to download, execute, and debug the software applications. Basic kits are for those who already have a power module and motor and want to develop motion control software for educational purposes. Professional kits include application examples for brushless or induction motor control and Matlab function libraries.

Contact Info

Company: Technosoft
Country: Switzerland
Phone number: +41 32-732-55-00
Fax: +41 32-732-55-04

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