Motion Sensors Debut As Market’s Smallest

Motion Sensors Debut As Market’s Smallest
mCube Inc.

In addition to claiming to exhibit the industry’s lowest power consumption, the third generation electronic compass (eCompass) and second generation iGyro motion sensors boast a 50% size reduction over their previous generation. Suitable for wearables, gaming devices, tablets, and smart phones, the MC6470 eCompass and MC7030 iGyro inertial motion sensors are sampling today in an 2 mm x 2 mm x 0.95 mm packaging. The MC6470 combines a high precision magnetic sensor with a third-generation single-chip MEMS accelerometer into a 6DoF (6 Degrees of Freedom) eCompass. The MC7030 iGyro, combining a 9DoF (9 Degrees of Freedom) accelerometer, magnetometer and rotational sensor solution, features the industry’s first software-based gyroscope optimized for Android smartphones and tablets. The product enables “virtual” gyroscope functionality on all mobile devices, delivering immersive, 9DoF motion gaming and augmented reality experiences to phone and tablet users. The MC6470 and MC7030 sensors are sampling today with volume production planned for Q2 2015. A datasheet is available at  

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