Motion Sensor Sees Through Walls, Earth, and Obstacles

SALEM, N.H. /BUSINESS WIRE/ --UltraVision Security Systems will be showcasing the UltraSensor motion detector at the IFSEC Security Solutions Exhibition. This is the European debut of the company's new fixed sensor product. Bill Lozon, vice president of sales and marketing, says, "The Security Solutions requirements are a perfect match for the capabilities that UltraSensor provides. The false-alarm problem has been a growth inhibitor for other technologies. With its unique features and capabilities, especially the reduction in false alarms, UltraSensor will help stimulate market opportunities for dealers and integrators and provide end users with a new level of detection/protection."

Designed to be installed underground, in building walls, or ceilings, UltraSensor sees through earth, walls, and obstacles to detect both motion and breathing. Sensors report distance to the motion and velocity and count and classify targets (e.g., animals, people, cars, and trucks). Unlike other motion detection technologies, the system does not need a window on the world to detect motion. And because the sensors are concealed, the system is impervious to weather or lighting conditions and is tamper-proof and undetectable.

Lozon adds, "UltraSensor received the Security Industry Association's "2006 Product Achievement Award for Intrusion Detection/Prevention" at last month's ISC West Expo in Las Vegas. We are proud to be recognized for product innovation. With the ultra wideband (UWB) technology platform, our sensors give security system designers, integrators, installers and end users enhanced security capabilities unavailable with any other technology or product on the market."

Applications for UltraSensor include power-generation plants, water-treatment facilities, transportation hubs, distribution centers and commercial storage facilities, office and shopping complexes, large parking lots, military installations, and federal/state government buildings.

See a demo of UltraSensor in action and talk to the UltraVision team at IFSEC Stand W43. Visit the company's Web site for a plain-English explanation of UWB technology and for more information on UVSS products, training, and developer kits.

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