Motion Sensor Enhances User Interfaces

Motion Sensor Enhances User Interfaces

Heralded as the world's most advanced six-axis motion sensor supporting image stabilization in smartphones, tablets, and digital still cameras, the LSM6DS3H combines a three-axis gyroscope, three-axis accelerometer, and processing circuit. The sensor’s dual-core gyroscopes are capable of simultaneously handling user motion and gesture recognition and camera image stabilization. Power consumption is less than 1 mA, compared to the 5mA required by systems that employ two single-function gyroscopes. Features include:
• Ultra-low power consumption of the motion sensors (0.85mA in normal mode, 0.4mA in low power mode), allowing the gyroscope to be "always on";
• Accelerometer power consumption in low-power mode down to 10 uA, 60% less compared with the previous-generation 6-axis module (LSM6DS3);
• Supports both EIS and OIS applications with a choice of I2C or SPI for the primary interface and a dedicated auxiliary SPI interface to the camera module;
• Compact package measuring 2.5mm X 3mm X 0.83mm;
• Accelerometer ODR (Output Data Rate) up to 6.66 kHz, Gyroscope ODR up to 3.33kHz;
• Smart FIFO for dynamic data batching and smarter power management: 4kbyte FIFO + 4kbyte flexible (FIFO or programmable);
• Full-scale acceleration range +/- 2 / +/- 4 / +/- 8 / +/- 16g;
• Full-scale angular rate range +/- 125 / +/- 245 / +/- 500 / +/- 1000 / +/- 2000 dps;
• Supply voltage from 1.71 to 3.6V, independent IOs supply down to 1.62V;
• SPI/I2C serial interface data synchronization feature;
• Embedded temperature sensor.

The LSM6DS3H is available now in volume production at a price of $1.61 each/1,000. A datasheet is available at

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