Monongahela Valley Hospital Implements Wireless Patient Tracking System

MISSION VIEJO, Calif. /BUSINESS WIRE/ -- Patient Care Technology Systems announced that Monongahela Valley Hospital of Monongahela, PA, has reduced patients' length of stay and improved the overall efficiency of their emergency department since implementing a wireless automatic patient tracking system. Monongahela Valley treats over 33,000 patients in their emergency department annually.

In July 2005, Monongahela Valley Hospital implemented Amelior EDTracker automatic patient tracking software in their emergency department to improve patient flow and overall department management. The software, working with IR/RFID-based locating hardware provides real-time, wireless tracking of the location of all patients and mobile medical equipment. Patients and staff wear wireless badges that send IR signals to sensors located throughout the department, waiting room, and support areas. The software uses a rules-based intelligence engine to translate interactions between patients, staff, and equipment into insights on the location and the care status of each patient. The information is communicated in real-time on electronic tracking boards on workstations throughout the department, enabling staff to know the location of all patients without any manual updating required. Monongahela Valley's emergency department uses detailed, time-stamped reports generated by the software to analyze and adjust workflow to create a better care-giving experience for patients and staff.

"Prior to installing Amelior EDTracker, it was difficult to manually track the current location of all our patients accurately and efficiently," stated Debra Essey RN, MSN, ED Manager, Monongahela Valley Hospital. "Since implementing automatic patient tracking, we have reduced the average time a patient spends in our ED by 16%, while visits to our emergency department have increased 17%. In addition, we have used the software as a management tool to analyze department resource utilization in order to find ways to be more efficient. We want to create the best possible environment for our patients and caregivers."

About Monongahela Valley Hospital
Monongahela Valley Hospital is a 226-bed hospital, with a 190 member medical staff, representing more than 40 medical specialties. Based in southwestern Pennsylvania, MVH has served its surrounding communities for 104 years. For more information, please visit the hospital's Web site.

About Patient Care Technology Systems
Patient Care Technology Systems (PCTS), a subsidiary of Consulier Engineering, Inc., is dedicated to becoming the leading provider of patient safety solutions in the high-acuity segments of healthcare. Featuring the Amelior ED patient care system, a comprehensive ED information system with clinical decision support, and Amelior EDTracker automatic tracking, the most widely implemented automatic tracking system in U.S. emergency departments, PCTS provides a family of integrated and intelligent solutions designed to reduce medical errors and improve the operating performance of high-acuity departments. Amelior patient care system customers have been recognized nationally for department productivity and nursing excellence. For more information, visit the company's Web site.