Monolithic Submersible Level Transmitters Are Quite Versatile

Monolithic Submersible Level Transmitters Are Quite Versatile

The Model 59Y submersible level transmitter series is designed to provide accurate, continuous liquid level measurements of water and wastewater within industrial and municipal environments. The components feature a monolithic (one-piece) design, which measures hydrostatic pressure of compatible media. It is available with a choice of PVC, PP, PVDF or 316L stainless steel material, as well as in submersible ranges from 0 to 16 in. WC to 0 to 835 ft. WC. Units are fully sealed to meet IP68 ratings. PUR cables are available as standard, with added options for PVC, FEP and TPE types. Dual temperature measurement capabilities are also possible (Model 59T). A datasheet is available at

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