Monochromator System Handles Demanding Spectrometry Applications

Monochromator System Handles Demanding Spectrometry Applications

Groomed for high-accuracy optical spectrometry applications including in-line inspection of flat panel displays, monitoring vacuum evaporation of thin films, and evaluation of spectral characteristics of cameras, the SPG-120-REV series monochromator system boasts wavelength changes ten times faster than conventional models by directly driving a grating with a stepping motor, thereby reducing measurement times by 50%. The compactness and software control of the SPG-120-REV system offers a wide range of applications including two dimensional spectral mapping of solar cell materials and optical devices. The system is able to accurately and reproducibly move from 200 nm to 900 nm in 2s. Additionally, the monochromator unit is compact with a total area of 100 mm x 187 mm. A free sample of LabVIEW2013 software comes with the system. The sample software enables users to change the wavelength of monochromatic light source. For more details, visit

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