Monoblocks Expand Connector Utility

Monoblocks Expand Connector Utility

HARTING expands the capabilities of its Han-Eco and Han-Yellock modular connector series by offering dedicated, high-density monoblock inserts for each. Using the inserts, a single connector can replace a bigger connector or multiple units for space savings. The monoblocks specify a voltage rating of 500V, current rating of 16A, and feature a pre-leading PE contact (ground). This results in contact numbers of 10, 14, 20, and 28 plus PE for the four Han-Eco housing sizes respectively. Monoblocks can combine with modules from the Han-Modular series in any Han-Eco housing to mix transmission media. For their part, Han-Yellock monoblocks offer 25 or 48 contacts with crimp termination for housing sizes 30 and 60 respectively.

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