Monitor App Integrated With Wearable Bluetooth Smart Heart Rate Sensing T-Shirt

SEATTLE, WA -- Sensoria and Renault Sport are making available today a sports car driver focused wearable system and a new generation of the R.S. Monitor mobile app for iOS.

Extending beyond measuring the speed and laptime performance of the vehicle, the app includes integrated heart rate monitoring to track the driver's heart rate. The new heart rate tracking feature is delivered by Sensoria's smart garment technology. Renault Sport, in partnership with Sensoria and Renault Innovation Silicon Valley, has designed the app and a Renault Sport special edition smart t-shirt with an integrated heart rate module. Heart rate readings from the t-shirt are transmitted via Bluetooth Smart to the R.S. Monitor mobile app through the Sensoria Heart Rate Monitor.

This new capability helps sports car drivers and motorsport enthusiasts improve both performance and consistency. The heart rate data is integrated with the G-G diagram within the new R.S. Monitor mobile app experience. The app allows drivers to record videos of each lap and monitor their heart rate data while the acceleration forces of the vehicle are also recorded.

"Cardio and aerobic fitness is critical to professional and elite drivers who typically have elevated heart rates for extended periods during competition. The Renault Sport team recognizes biometric monitoring as an important feedback element and is offering this capability to every driver through the new R.S. Monitor mobile app," says Benoit Vienne, member of Renault Sport Digital team at Renault Sport.

Among Renault Sport customers, there are true athletes and they need to stay fit and focused in and out of the car. Thanks to the unique combination of the existing Sensoria Fitness app and the new R.S.

Monitor App, motorsport enthusiasts can now improve aerobic fitness training and leverage the same heart rate monitoring t-shirt and the new app for in-car use as well. "In a race, a Formula 1 driver maintains the same heart rate beats per minute as a marathon runner for about the same length of time. Our entire team is proud to help racecar drivers improve performance and consistency. Sensoria is proud to collaborate with Renault Sport on this exciting project by leveraging our development platform for wearables and smart garment technology," says Davide Vigano, co-founder and CEO of Sensoria.

The Renault Sport mobile app and special edition Sensoria smart fitness t-shirt and Heart Rate Monitor is available at

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