Molex Showcases Soligie Circuits and Sensors

LISLE, IL --- Specializing in innovative solutions for industrial, consumer, medical, aerospace and defense markets, the Molex Soligie portfolio includes integrated sensor systems, medical wearables and devices, LED lighting, RFID labels, IoT-enabled, and disposable devices.

Key points:

•Soligie Flexible Radio is an example of digital radio components, an antenna and low profile speaker integrated into a thin flexible design.
•Soligie NFC Temperature Sensor Patch demonstrates a thin flexible solution for monitoring temperature through wireless technologies, including NFC, RFID or Bluetooth protocols.
•Capacitive Fluid Sensors ensure precise fluid-level measurements with greater accuracy, and lower set-up costs, utilizing end-to-end solutions and easy-to-install calibration software. The non-invasive sensors mount to the outside of a container and sense through plastic, glass and virtually any non-metallic material. Optimized for a range of applications, including medical devices, pump controls, and beverage machines, the thin, flexible printed sensors accommodate curved surfaces and tightly packaged applications.

Molex provides complete design services, prototype fabrication, product development and a range of platforms for low through high volume printed electronics production. Advanced manufacturing processes are used in the development of Soligie custom printed circuits and sensors.

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