Molex Increases Operational Efficiencies and Reduces Costs with Kepware’s KEPServerEX

Portland, ME — Kepware Technologies, a software development company focused on communications for automation, announced today that its flagship product, KEPServerEX, has been integrated with Molex Incorporated’s SIS shop floor program to significantly increase operational efficiencies and interoperability across numerous locations. By using KEPServerEX, Molex can now support multiple PLCs, process monitors, and controllers from a variety of vendors using a single communications platform.

While expanding the SIS shop floor program, Molex found that varying machine ages and protocols made communications across each of its forty-five facilities challenging. The company also needed to find a solution that could scale to fit into any industrial environment that may be encountered in the future. With its support of the OPC standard and over 150 different protocols, KEPServerEX enabled the efficient global expansion of the program across the 17 countries in which Molex operates.

Kepware’s KEPServerEX is specifically engineered to connect, manage, monitor, and control disparate automation devices and software applications across diverse architectures. Its robust platform supports an array of open standards, proprietary communication protocols, APIs, and automation systems’ interfaces. Its single user interface provides consistent and reliable data throughout the enterprise and reduces training, support, and maintenance.

By using KEPServerEX, Molex experienced an average 37 percent reduction in equipment downtime. The company was able to decrease costs by providing reliable access to accurate and complete shop floor data, and is now poised to adapt to the needs of any future manufacturing environments it comes across.

“The smarter and more nimble our business decision-making, the better products and cost savings we can deliver to our customers,” said Steve Behlen, Controls Engineering Manager, Molex. “Kepware is instrumental to our interoperability across forty-five locations and happy customers across the globe.”

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