Modules Expand App Options For Popular DAQ System

Modules Expand App Options For Popular DAQ System
HBM Inc.

HBM has added three more module options for its rugged SomatXR data acquisition system, extending the range of applications and bringing the number of modules to eight. First of three, the MX840B-R Universal Module is for measurement tasks that require the use of multiple transducer types. The measuring amplifier has eight channels for connecting more than 16 different types of transducers including various forms of strain gauges, piezoelectric transducers, bridge circuits, resistance thermometers, thermocouples, and Ohmic resistors. It offers a per-channel sampling rate of 40kS/s and a signal bandwidth of 7kHz.
              Second, the MX411B-R Highly Dynamic Module performs highly dynamic acquisition and analysis of mechanical measurement quantities. It offers a 24-bit resolution and four channels with a maximum sample rate of 100 ksamples/s per channel, which increases to 200 kS/s in two-channel mode. It supports a variety of transducer technologies including voltage, standardized current, full- or half-bridge circuit strain gauges, inductive full and half bridges, current-fed piezoelectric transducers, and piezoresistive full bridges.
             The third addition, the MX471B-R CAN Module is designed for connecting the SomatXR data acquisition system to a CAN network. Four individually configurable interfaces receive CAN, SAE J1913, CCP or xCP-on-CAN data and offers the option of using CAN messages as triggers for measurement recordings. In addition, the module provides gateway functionality and can send sensor signals acquired with other SomatXR modules as CAN messages, an option that allows integrating the measurement system with an existing test automation environment in the test bench or with a CAN-based data recorder.
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