Modulating Control Valves Series Meet Stringent Requirements

Assured Automation’s actuated Globe valves are designed for two-way flow control, three-way mixing, and three-way diverting applications where value and long life are critical. The equal percentage and linear plugs in the two-way valves and linear plugs in the three-way valves provide excellent modulating control of a wide variety of fluids for pressure, temperature, level, and flow applications from –20 to 800°F. Available with electric or pneumatic actuator packages in ½"- 8" line sizes.

GVI Series Industrial Globe Control valves are ideal for two-way flow control. GVI Series features bolted bonnets and cage-retained seats in rugged high efficiency bodies of steel or stainless steel for ease of maintenance with a variety of trim materials and port sizes.

This series is suited for applications including Chemical, Energy, Food & Beverage, General Service, Marine, Pulp & Paper, Refining, and Pharmaceutical Industries with temperatures from -20°F to 800°F, severe service, dirty fluids, high pressure drops, and corrosive fluids.

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GV Series Precision Globe Valves feature compact rugged bronze or stainless-steel bodies with a selection of port reductions. Trim materials available in bronze, stainless steel or PEEK. Available in NPT or butt weld ends with temperature range of -20 to 500°F.

GH Series High Capacity valves feature rugged cast iron bodies with bronze or stainless-steel trim. Bottom post guide adds stability allowing for higher pressure drops and spring-loaded V-ring packing has low friction and is self-adjusting for maintenance free operation. Applications include Food & Beverage, Water Heaters, Pharmaceutical, General Service, and Waste Water having moderate pressure drops and temperature ranges from -20°F to 400°F.

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