Modular Signal Conditioners from ASI

Modular Signal Conditioners from ASI
Automation Systems Interconnect (ASI) Inc.

Automation Systems Interconnect (ASI) Inc., Carlisle, PA, offers a line of DIN rail mounted signal conditioners, available as programmable multifunction units or single input/single output models. Modules include analog converters and isolators, RTD and thermocouple converters, analog-to-frequency signal converters, and threshold modules. RTD and thermocouple signal conditioners are suitable for PT100 RTDs and Type J and K thermocouples. You program the devices via dip switches. Features include self-calibrating circuitry and accuracy of 0.1% and versions are available that operate from 24 VDC or 24–240 VAC/DC supplies.

Contact Info

Company: Automation Systems Interconnect (ASI) Inc.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 877-650-5160
Fax: 717-249-5542

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