Modular Electronic Devices Create Anything You Want with Robotics of Things

SEOUL, South Korea --- K-ICT Born2Global Centre (Born2Global), a major Korean government agency under the Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning (MSIP), announced on Nov. 8 that LUXROBO, a member of Born2Global, has more than doubled its $30,000 goal on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter ( LUXROBO's modular smart device, MODI, achieved this within just two weeks of launching its Kickstarter campaign. It had accumulated $73,000 as of Nov. 7 and the crowdfunding period will end this month.

The attention LUXROBO has attracted via its crowdfunding campaign is a result of the innovative and original features of MODI, which is a set of modular devices -- each with their own unique function -- that can be combined in diverse ways to create Internet of Things devices or robots.

The modules are classified into three types -- input, output, and setup modules -- and can be assembled to create devices that serve consumers' diverse needs.

For example, to modify an existing device so that it can be turned on or off from the bedroom via clapping, all one has to do is combine a "mic" module to detect the clapping sound, a "motor controller" module to control the device, and a "battery" module to power the MODI device. The modules connect to one another conveniently via pin-shaped magnets.

LUXROBO's modular smart device, MODI, will soon enter the education market in England.

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