Mod+ Connect 2.0 App Released Today

LIBERTY, SC --- Mod+ Connect 2.0, a diagnostic and test utility, is now available on the Apple® iTunes® App Store®. The new version is a universal app that now runs on iPad® as well as previously supported iPhone® 6 or greater iOS devices with an active Wi-Fi connection. Mod+ Connect 2.0 adds support for SeaI/O-470 modules, improves keyboard interaction, eliminates duplicate search results and disregards Unit ID entries that exceed the Modbus one-byte limit.

Mod+ Connect 2.0 Key Updates

• Universal iOS app runs on iPad and iPhone 6 or greater devices
• Adds supports for SeaI/O-470 data acquisition modules
• Features improved search functionality that eliminates duplicate results
• Features intuitive iOS keyboard interaction
• Disregards invalid Unit ID entries

Mod+ Connect allows users to view and change device settings, as well as monitor and control the I/O banks of the connected module. The app is intended for use with Sealevel's SeaI/O Ethernet and wireless I/O modules, as well as eI/O Ethernet and PoE compact I/O modules.

Visit the App Store to download Mod+ Connect, visit Sealevel’s website for the detailed app note and demonstration video or call +1 864.843.4343 for more information.

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