Mobile Medical Exam Kit Sports Simple Design, Boasts Low Cost Of Ownership

Zeriscope unveils what it describes as its portable and cost-effective Mobile Telemedicine Exam Kit. The company claims it to be a simple and easy-to-adopt hardware and software tool that combines live video and data streaming technology with remote patient care. The Mobile Telemedicine Exam Kit contains a ruggedized tablet, keyboard, and an assortment of exam sensors including blood pressure monitor, a high definition Bluetooth stethoscope, pulse oximeter, four-lead ECG, otoscope, exam/wound camera, and other peripherals. Of note, the peripherals can be customized for each user’s requirements.

Easily fitting into a lightweight bag, it is desireable for mobile healthcare professionals who need to conduct thorough exam procedures while linking live with a remotely located medical expert or physician. This can significantly reduce costly or avoidable emergency room visits or hospital readmissions. The video feed from the tablet or exam camera connects live to the physician via a HIPAA-compliant, cloud-based platform developed by Zeriscope.

Dr. Robert Adams, a neurologist at the Medical University of South Carolina and a leader of their tele-stroke network, states, “Many telemedicine systems require big investments and smooth floors in a medical facility. The low-cost, portable Zeriscope system opens up a new universe of applications across numerous healthcare models and practices.”

Learn more about the Mobile Telemedicine Exam Kit by CLICKING HERE. Zeriscope Charleston, SC 843-300-8820 [email protected]

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