MLCCs Are Low On ESR

TDK’s vertically stacked MEGACAP Type MLCCs combine high capacitance and low ESR. The CA series offers rated voltages from 25V to 1 kV and covers a capacitance range from 20 nF to 150 µF. The MLCCs are available with C0G, X7T, X7S, and X7R temperature characteristics and are suitable for use in the resonant circuits of wireless and plug-in charging systems. They can also be used in smoothing and decoupling applications in industrial equipment.


The MEGACAP Type MLCCs feature metal lead frames attached to the electrode ends of the components to protect against board flexure cracks and solder cracks from thermal shocks. The metal material of the terminal has also been optimized to lower the ESR and achieve a higher ripple current capability. To enable a low profile with increased capacitance, TDK has adapted its MEGACAP stack design so that the MLCC elements are stacked side by side. The vertically stacked design enables stacks with three or even more elements. Hybrid joints between the metal terminals and the MLCC are both soldered and clamped to prevent the individual MLCC elements from falling out of the lead frame at the increasingly higher reflow temperatures. The CA series will be available initially with 2x and 3x stacks. In the future the lineup will be expanded with 5x stacks.

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Need more stimulating details? Then peruse the MEGACAP Type MLCCs’ datasheet.

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