MKS Introduces Real-Time Quality Monitoring System

Wilmington, MA - MKS Instruments Inc., a leading provider of process control technologies for improving productivity in semiconductor and other advanced manufacturing processes, has introduced the SenseLink QM quality monitoring system to control injection molding equipment used in manufacturing medical devices and in other high-accuracy industrial applications. With SenseLink QM, the user can quickly identify and correct process issues. SenseLink QM mounts to existing machines and evaluates part quality in real time; it catches defects such as short shots, double shots, flash, and overall process drift to improve yield; and it provides instant fault contribution details.

The SenseLink QM system provides data acquisition, fault detection, and control functions, all in one self-contained, compact unit that is easy to install and integrate. Utilizing multivariate analysis (MVA) software, SenseLink QM provides in-process fault detection and an understanding of the process that is not attainable from traditional supervisory control and data acquisition and statistical process control approaches. It features multivariate libraries and automated modeling functions from Umetrics, the market leader for MVA software, and incorporates the entire analytical process, including data collection, modeling, and run-time control, in a single platform.

A Web browser user interface allows easy configuration and data analysis. Setup does not require MVA training, and models can adapt to acceptable process changes resulting from time, shift change, and material variability. For data retention, results can be automatically archived on local network storage servers. The SenseLink QM system easily identifies process variables contributing to poor quality, allowing for corrective action to optimize production and eliminate downstream costs.

For more information on the SenseLink QM data monitoring system, please go to the MKS Web site.

About MKS
MKS Instruments is a leading worldwide provider of process control solutions for advanced manufacturing processes, such as semiconductor device manufacturing and thin-film manufacturing for flat panel displays, optical storage media, architectural glass, and electro-optical products. We also provide technology for biopharmaceutical and medical imaging equipment.

Our instruments, components, and subsystems incorporate sophisticated technologies to power, measure, control, and monitor increasingly complex gas-related semiconductor manufacturing processes, thereby enhancing our customers' uptime, yield, and throughput, and improving their productivity and return on invested capital.

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