Mixed-Signal IC Creates Flexible Power Islands

Mixed-Signal IC Creates Flexible Power Islands

The SLG4612 expands the GreenPAKTM (GPAK) family of Programmable Mixed-signal ICs. that can serve as an ultra-small power management IC, The device contains a rich set of features including voltage monitoring, power sequencing, reset and power switches that are configurable in settings and interconnect. This device is the first in a series of parts designed to create "Flexible Power Islands" (FPIs).

There are many challenges when designing power systems for handheld and wearable devices. In each succeeding generation, power systems are becoming more complex, and yet the overall board area devoted to power components keeps getting smaller. To overcome these challenges, Silego has developed the concept of "Flexible Power Islands". Using FPIs, designers can divide their complex power system into some number of local power regions (or islands), each of which includes the power control, power sequencing and power regulation needed to support loads in the immediate vicinity. The SLG46125 packs many of these necessary power system functions in a 1.6 x 2.0 mm 16-pin MSTQFN fully encapsulated plastic package.

Silego Technology Inc.
Santa Clara, CA

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