MIT Reveals Technologies That Will Impact 2018

Right on schedule, MIT Technology Review announces its annual 10 Breakthrough Technologies list. The list, selected by MIT Technology Review’s editorial team, predict the technologies that will have the greatest impact in 2018. This year’s list includes companies that include Google, IBM, JPMorgan Chase, and Baidu.



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The 2018 List 

  1. 3-D Metal Printing
  2. Artificial Embryos
  3. Sensing City
  4. AI for Everybody
  5. Dueling Neural Networks
  6. Babel-Fish Earbuds
  7. Zero-Carbon Natural Gas
  8. Perfect Online Privacy
  9. Genetic Fortune-Telling
  10. Materials’ Quantum Leap


For comparisons, here are the top 10 technologies of 2017 as per the MIT Technology Review


  1. Reversing Paralysis
  2. Self-Driving Trucks
  3. Paying with Your Face
  4. Practical Quantum Computers
  5. The 360-Degree Selfie
  6. Hot Solar Cells
  7. Gene Therapy 2.0
  8. The Cell Atlas
  9. Botnets of Things
  10. Reinforcement Learning 


Do you agree with the MIT choices and projections? Learn more about the topics on the list and why they were chosen with a visit to MIT Technology Review.

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