MIPI Alliance Introduces MIPI Discovery and Configuration (DisCo) Base Architecture and Class Specifications

PISCATAWAY, NJ --- The MIPI® Alliance introduces the MIPI Discovery and Configuration(MIPI DisCoSM) portfolio, a family of specifications that simplifies software driver development when integrating components in mobile-connected products.

MIPI Alliance is offering the solutions to its members and the open source community to encourage widespread adoption of the specifications and motivate the community to share its software development resources. Developers can learn more and access MIPI DisCo specifications here: http://bit.ly/2iZFI8c. Membership in MIPI Alliance is not needed to access the specifications, but the organization welcomes new members.

MIPI DisCo Specifications

The new portfolio includes a software architectural framework and family of specifications covering the many types of components embedded in mobile-connected devices. MIPI DisCo Base Specification, the base architectural framework available today, defines a uniform software architecture that can be used with a device’s host operating system to discover, enumerate and manage controllers, busses and other components that use MIPI Alliance specifications.

The MIPI DisCo architecture is based on the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI), which is widely used in the PC industry to enumerate devices and functions, describe their capabilities and manage their power states. It is supported by all major operating systems.

The MIPI DisCo Base Specification is used in conjunction with other MIPI DisCo specifications, which define the capabilities of specific devices or controllers that can be managed by the MIPI DisCo architecture. MIPI DisCo Class Specifications will be released individually to cover integration of audio peripherals, batteries, camera and imaging devices, sensors and other components, as well as debug and test functions.

The first interconnect-specific specification, MIPI Discovery and Configuration for SoundWire (MIPI DisCo for SoundWire), is scheduled for release later this year and will streamline software integration of amplifiers, microphones, and audio codecs that are built into smartphones, tablets, mobile PCs, connected cars and IoT devices that use theMIPI SoundWireSM interface. The solution enables developers to easily discover OS-agnostic device property definitions required by the SoundWire bus driver.

Call for Participation in the MIPI Software Working Group

The MIPI Software Working Group works closely with other MIPI Alliance technical working groups to identify and define software integration requirements to support MIPI Alliance interfaces. The group is actively seeking members to help define software integration needs and requirements for camera, display/touch and debug specifications. All MIPI Alliance members at the Contributor level and above are welcome to participate in the working group.

Join the MIPI DisCo Webinar

Developers are invited to attend a webinar “MIPI DisCo and ACPI: Streamlining MIPI Component Integration” on February 2, 2017 at 11:00 am ET, 8:00 am PT. For information and registration, please go to: http://bit.ly/2iWcvLF

To discover more about MIPI Alliance and to connect with its social networks, follow its Twitter page and join its LinkedIn group. To join MIPI Alliance, use the Join MIPI link on the organization’s site.

For more information, visit http://www.mipi.org

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