Miniaturized Connectors for High-Speed Ethernet and Solutions for Harsh Environments Key to Future of Driving Experience

BENSHEIM, Germany -- TE Connectivity will present key technologies at the 3rd International Congress for On-Board Power Supplies in the Automobile in Ludwigsburg, Germany. The event, which is aimed to drive dialogue and innovation, will take place March 24 to 25, 2015, at the Forum at Castle Park.

"Today's automobiles already have the intelligence to actively assist the driver, with increasing levels of assistance, connectivity and autonomy on the horizon," said Dr. Patrick Popp, chief technology officer for TE Transportation Solutions business and member of the event's Advisory Committee. "Vehicle features and functions optimize everything from operation and maintenance, to driver comfort, navigation and guidance, entertainment, safety and convenience. Any flexible and scalable network architecture in automobiles requires highly reliable, high-performance connectivity solutions. Electrical architecture for data, power, and signal transfer has become a hotbed of innovation significantly contributing to improvements in overall vehicle safety, fuel economy and connectivity."

TE experts and topics to be discussed include:

• Bert Bergner, electrical engineer with more than 10 patents and a focus on advanced development for infotainment, and Andreas Engel, expert on developing infotainment capabilities with more than 20 years of industry experience, will profile scalable and modular plug-in solutions for Ethernet on-board network architectures. They will discuss design optimization for high-speed, high-performing systems at 1 Gbit (1,000 megabits) of data transfer per second, which is in accordance with global industry standards.
• Current trends in engine downsizing significantly drive up demands for connectivity solutions that must withstand harsh environments such as higher vibrations and temperatures. Thomas Fili, a specialist in testing and validation, will present TE's latest findings and solutions in this fast-changing area.

TE technologies connect electronic functions in the car – from cloud-connected services and alternative power systems to infotainment. The company is working with industry leaders and notable organizations to develop global industry standards and requirements for in-car networking technology.

TE is one of the largest connectivity and sensor companies in the world. The company has engineered a wide range of solutions for automobiles, including technologies to support Ethernet and bandwidth capabilities, FAKRA NG power terminals and connectors, and sensors with measurement capabilities for position, pressure, fluid control and temperature. TE's engineers are working to help deliver future connected cars and autonomous driving capability designed for harsh environments.

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