Miniature Pumps from Servoflo

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Servoflo Corp.

Servoflo Corp., Lexington, MA, offers three models of the M Series centrifugal-based miniature pumps to deliver small amounts of liquids: M100: 0-400 ml/min., 28 x 14 x 14 mm; M200: 0-700 ml/min., 28 x 14 x 44 mm; M400: 0-2600 ml/min., 41 x 26 x 25 mm. Viton seals are standard, with optional seal materials and wetted parts for chemical resistance. The pumps use push-fit connectors designed for 3.2 mm tubing; 220 mm electrical fly lead is standard. Supply ranges are 1.5–6.5 VDC (M100 and M200) and 3–12 VDC (M400); M100 and M200 are brushless pumps, M400 is brushed with internal controller. Applications include medical devices, fuel pumps, fuel cells, industrial applications, and more. A developer kit is available.

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Company: Servoflo Corp.
Country: United States (USA)
Phone number: 781-862-9572
Fax: 781-862-9244

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