Miniature Inclinometer from Measurement Specialties

Miniature Inclinometer from Measurement Specialties
Measurement Specialties/HL Planartechnik

Measurement Specialties/HL Planartechnik, Dortmund, Germany, offers the Model NS-25/DQG2-XUA low-noise, microprocessor-controlled dual-axis inclinometer. The fully linearized, temperature-compensated, and calibrated device covers a ±25° measurement range in temperatures from –40°C to 85°C with 0.5° F.S. accuracy and uses conductive fluid technology to sense tilt. Applications include stationary and mobile cranes, lift platforms, mobile weighing stations, forklifts, harvesters, road building equipment, and other heavy-duty vehicles.

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Company: Measurement Specialties/HL Planartechnik
Phone number: +49 (0)231-9740-62
Fax: +49 (0)231-9740-20

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