Mini Robots Trigger Creativity, Build New Age Skills

Expanding Wonder Workshop’s Dash & Dot pair of ready-to-play robots that introduced children to coding and robotics are two new robots called CleverBots. The first of the CleverBot duo, Cue employs emotive artificial intelligence (AI). Its AI engine engages users emotionally and builds users’ tech skills with games and challenges and promises to make programming unique interactive experiences fun at any skill level.


Take A Cue From Cue


Users can interact with Cue via an app available on iOS, Android, and Kindle. Cue provides four unique ways to explore its fubctionality:

  1. Chat:  Send and receive text messages with four different avatars and a Chat library that includes 30,000 responses with a vocabulary of over 170,000 words.
  2. Control:  Engage Cue's intelligent auto modes (seek, avoid, and explore) to navigate tight corners or obstacles while expressing personality at every turn.
  3. Create:  Discover a freestyle environment to program adventures using Cue’s proximity sensors, encoders, gyro, accelerometer, and microphones.
  4. Code:  Users can choose the skill level that’s right for them and build programs with blocks or toggle to JavaScript text mode. Cue will support Apple’s Swift programming language through a new Swift Playgrounds Playbook available in November.  



Cue employs a wide are of technologies that includes:

  • Precision motors: two powered wheels and encoders for quick navigation and precise distance tracking. Two motors and potentiometers support Cue’s head pan, tilt, and accurate positioning.
  • Proximity sensors: detect objects left, right, and back at multiple distances.
  • Sensor fusion and multiple processors: manage complex interactions among actuators and sensors – accelerometer, gyroscope, and wheel encoders.
  • IR receivers and transmitters: enable Cue to locate and interact with other robots and IR beacons.
  • Microphones and speaker: real time voice triangulation, personalized recording and playback.  



Dot is a little green robot with multiple sensors and a quirky personality that powers the Do-It-Yourself projects in the new Dot Creativity Kit. Helping kids learn about robotics and develop fundamental coding and problem-solving skills, Dot’s projects range from crafting, active play, and code breaking, to storytelling and construction.


The Dot creativity kit features 20 project cards, 10 costume changes, 100 reusable stickers, one case, and Lego-compatible building brick connectors. Additionally, three free downloadable mobile apps, compatible with iOS, Android, and Kindle devices, offer dozens of challenges, puzzles, and hours of free play. For more info and availability, contact Wonder Workshop. 206-619-7124