Mini Photoelectric Sensors from Carlo Gavazzi

Mini Photoelectric Sensors from Carlo Gavazzi
Carlo Gavazzi Inc.

PD30 Series miniature photoelectric sensors from Carlo Gavazzi, Buffalo Grove, IL, are available in six sensing technologies and feature pushbutton programming. Throughbeam sensing range is up to 15 m; polarized retroreflective sensing range is up to 6 m. Other sensing modes are diffuse reflective, background suppression, retroreflective, and transparent object detection. Each 10.8 by 20 by 30 mm sensor is powered by 10–30 VDC and has a 100 mA transistor output, programmable as NO or NC. Many models allow remote teaching and an option for locking sensor settings.

Contact Info

Company: Carlo Gavazzi Inc.
Country: International
Phone number: 847-465-6100
Fax: 800-222-2659

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