Mini Gas Sensor Enhances Switch/Camera Combo

Mini Gas Sensor Enhances Switch/Camera Combo
ams AG

D-Links Komfy Switch (a light switch) with camera for home monitoring integrates ams’ iAQ-core miniaturized, low-power gas sensor module. The module measures indoor air quality via a MEMS-based VOC sensor component and provides an output of ppb TVOC and ppm CO2 equivalent units via an I2C interface in response to changes in ambient levels of pollutants commonly found in indoor environments. The Komfy Switch with camera by D-Link is a bit more than a smart light switch. It features a full HD 1080p camera with 16-feet night vision and environmental sensors. Built-in sensors deliver useful information, including motion, sound, temperature, power consumption, air quality, and humidity detection. The iAQ-core indoor air quality module is available now in production volumes. Unit pricing is $24.70 each/1,000. For more information, visit:
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