Mindtree Enables Next Gen Bluetooth Low-Energy Chips at Cypress

WARREN, NJ and BANGALORE -- Mindtree announces that its BlueLitE Bluetooth® intellectual property (IP) has been incorporated into the new PSoC® 4 BLE and PRoC™ BLE system-on-chip products from Cypress Semiconductor Corp. Mindtree's Bluetooth Smart link layer, stack and profile components, combined with a unique set of technology components from Cypress, have delivered a highly integrated range of single-chip Bluetooth® Smart solutions. These solutions have simplified the design of low-power, sensor-based systems for the Internet of Things (IoT) market, as well as for traditional markets such as human interface devices, remote controls and toys.

The market for wearables and connected devices is driving investments in core technologies and the IoT platforms that bring them together. Today's end users demand a seamless experience and it is expected that underlying platforms will deliver that experience. As the delivery ecosystem continues to evolve, Mindtree is making investments in IP and solution offerings to enable partners to meet and exceed user experience expectations.

Cypress Bluetooth Low Energy solutions enable complete systems by integrating a Bluetooth Smart radio, a high-performance 32-bit ARM® Cortex™-M0 core with ultra-low-power modes, programmable analog blocks, and Cypress's industry-leading CapSense® capacitive touch-sensing functionality. This combination of technology delivers unmatched system value for Bluetooth Smart products, with prolonged battery life, customizable sensing capabilities, and sleek, intuitive user interfaces.

Jayanth Krishna, Director - Short-range Wireless, Mindtree, said, "Product and device companies need chips that are highly programmable with built-in Bluetooth wireless to build high quality products quickly. It's increasingly important that new products have connectivity built into their core technology to keep pace with the rapidly diversifying wearable and IoT markets. Mindtree's market proven and highly configurable IPs seamlessly enables such rapid development."

Jayant Somani, Senior Director of Bluetooth Low Energy products at Cypress said, "Adding Mindtree's low power Bluetooth IP to Cypress's PSoC and PRoC products and our CapSense touch-sensing technology has allowed us to create unique single-chip solutions that are tailor-made for Internet of Things applications and other sensor-based systems. PSoC 4 BLE and PRoC BLE are easy to use and have achieved Bluetooth 4.1 qualification with Mindtree's underlying IP, cutting design time for our customers and allowing them to go to market quickly."

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