Mind Solutions, Inc. Reports Positive Results From Initial Testing of EEG /BCI Device

SAN DIEGO, CA -- Mind Solutions, Inc. reports positive results on the initial testing done on the Company's EEG / BCI (Brain-Computer-Interface) device. The initial testing done on the prototype was centered on receiving the EEG signal within the ear canal, which was successful. In fact, the tests have indicated some possible advantages to electrical brain signals received within the ear canal versus the traditional location of the forehead. The next stage of testing will focus on the compatibility and function with software applications. Upon conclusion of software testing, the Company anticipates releasing a detailed update to shareholders.

The product, like Google Glass, is a wearable electronic device with a single dry sensor receiving EEG signals from within the ear. This creates a very mobile product that is extremely user-friendly. This mobile EEG device is expected to operate smart phones and computer devices with the power of your mind. As electrical impulses are received, the device translates thoughts into actions on your mobile device or computer.

The Company will be filming the unveiling of the EEG/ BCI device with Money TV, a television program broadcasting to more than 160 Million TV homes throughout the world in more than 75 countries. The show begins airing on Saturday Oct. 4th at 9:00am ET. http://www.moneytv.net/index.php/global-tv-listings

For more info, go to http://mindsolutionscorp.com

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