Mind Solutions Completes Beta Testing On EEG / BCI Device

SAN DIEGO, CA -- Mind Solutions, Inc. has successfully completed testing on the Company's micro EEG / BCI device. The tests were done on the recently completed prototypes and involved a comprehensive testing process on receiving the EEG signal, communicating via Bluetooth and successfully operating all compatible software. Mind Solutions is pleased to announce that every category surpassed all expectations. The Company will now create a short video to release to the public in order to document the results achieved. Once completed and edited, the video will be released through a Company press release in the near future. The Company will begin meeting with distribution channels arranged by Joe Abrams, the co-founder of MySpace parent company, who has joined the Company's Board of Advisors. These meetings will take place as final design improvements are made and tooling/manufacturing is being developed. It is the goal of the Company to make the micro BCI device the best-selling wearable BCI product on the market. The Company will begin creating new software applications compatible with the product. The product, like Google Glass, is a wearable electronic device with a single dry sensor receiving EEG signals from within the ear. This creates a very mobile discreet product that is extremely user-friendly. This mobile EEG device operates smart phones and computer devices with the power of your mind. As electrical waves from the brain are received, the device translates these brainwaves into actions on your mobile device or computer. For more info, go to http://www.mindsolutionscorp.com

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