Millipascal Differential Pressure Module & Dew Point Hygrometers

Millipascal Differential Pressure Module & Dew Point Hygrometers
Innovative Sensor Technology

Innovative Sensor Technology’s newly developed differential pressure module is based on the company’s thermal microflow sensor MEMs- technology paired with a high resolution resistive sensor front end. With a digitally-controlled thermal forced zero point adjustment, the dP-module is able to provide two million digital counts (5Pa FS) with 0,005 Pa noise-free resolution. For more info, go to

The HYT 939p dew point hygrometer module sports a measurement range from -40ºC to +20ºC TDP. By a special calibration for low humidity ranges, the possible dew point accuracy is ± 1ºC to ± 2ºC. The module can be used as a dew point transmitter for dry gas measurement or gas analyses applications and compressed air monitoring. For more details, go to Innovative Sensor

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Innovative Sensor Technology
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