Millar Offers Implantable Pressure Transmitters

HOUSTON, TX /PRNewswire/ -- Millar Instruments, Inc., a medical device manufacturing firm and developer of pressure sensing technology, has released the TRM53P implantable transmitter through the partnership with Telemetry Research, Ltd. The TRM53P is the world's first, fully implantable transmitter that combines Millar's gold standard solid-state pressure sensors with Telemetry Research's next generation telemetry technology.

The TRM53P provides high-fidelity pressure measurements that deliver accurate pressures including dP/dT and LVP. The solid-state sensor, mounted at the tip of the catheter, enables pressure to be measured in almost any location. Additionally, the sensor removes the need for gel and minimizes clotting.

This system is truly next generation due to the digital data transmission and wireless inductive power charging capabilities. The digital data transmission allows for a larger monitoring range and true cohabitation of multiple animals. Wireless inductive power charging enables 24/7 monitoring for the lifetime of the animal.

The device offers unprecedented long-term reliability, thus reducing overall cost. The integrated rechargeable battery means refurbishment is not required, allowing straightforward transmitter reuse with a simple cleaning of the device.

Applications may include cardiovascular, sleep research, toxicology, safety testing, neuroscience and behavioral studies. With the combination of next generation technology and solid state pressure sensors, the TRM53P is designed to redefine the standard in pressure monitoring.

About Millar Instruments
Millar Instruments, Inc. designs, manufactures and markets pressure sensing technology for use by medical researchers and clinicians. Millar has directed this expertise toward integrating that technology into catheters for life science applications. Millar is committed to being an integral part of this on-going research, by developing products and systems that further promote medical advancements and discoveries.

About Telemetry Research
Telemetry Research Ltd., based in Auckland, New Zealand, designs, manufactures and markets implantable telemetry systems for wireless monitoring of free-moving laboratory animals. Their implantable devices improve data quality and extend recording time, collecting accurate and predictive information for biomedical research. Their patented technology sends power wirelessly through the skin to recharge transmitters in vivo, enabling lifetime recording using modern digital data sampling and transmission.

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