Millar Claims World's Smallest Sensor Tip Pressure-Volume Catheter

CHICAGO, IL/PRNewswire/ -- Millar Instruments Inc. has introduced the PVR-1045 pressure-volume catheter, with a tip size of 1F (1/3 mm). It is, says Millar, the smallest and least invasive sensor tip pressure-volume catheter available. The small diameter gives researchers using Millar's pressure-volume systems (MPVS) a powerful new tool in the characterization of cardiovascular function by allowing access to smaller animals than ever before possible.

“We now have the smallest and only true turnkey solution for researchers," said Steve Price, Millar's vice-president of sales and marketing. "Millar has undisputedly built a reputation as the gold standard in the area of in vivo pressure measurements for over 36 years."p>

Millar Instruments is demonstrating the device too physicians and cardiovascular researchers to at the American Heart Association Scientific Sessions conference being held in Chicago this week, November 12–14, 2006.

About Millar Instruments

Millar Instruments, Inc., designs, manufactures and markets Mikro-Tip catheter pressure transducers for use by medical researchers and clinicians. This high-precision sensor technology allows pressure measurements to be taken at the source, without time delay or motion artifacts. Millar also markets a pressure-volume (P-V) system, capable of simultaneously measuring high fidelity left ventricular pressure and volume within the intact beating hearts of small animal models, such as transgenic mice and rats. An important part of Millar's success has come from working with medical researchers around the world. Millar Instruments is committed to being an integral part of this on- going research by developing products and systems that further promote medical advancements and discoveries.


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