Military Grade RF Inductors Reach Level R

Military Grade RF Inductors Reach Level R
Gowanda Electronics Corp.

The MIL-PRF-39010 ER RF inductor series have achieved a failure rate of Level R, adding to the company’s series already approved to Level R. The four thru-hole series meet the military’s Qualified Product List (QPL) requirements for Established Reliability (ER) and address ten different MIL-PRF-39010 slash numbers (/01 through /10). This approval required extensive testing for electrical, environmental, mechanical and thermal performance. Level R represents the most reliable off-the-shelf inductors for high-reliability applications. Features of the series includes inductance from 0.10 to 1000 uH, Q min from 25 to 75, SRF MHz min from 3.4 to 680, DCR Ohms max from 0.025 to 72, and dc ratings from 28 mA to 2.9A. For more details on each series, visit:

• ER10M:
• ER15M:
• ER18M:
• ER17S:

Datasheets are available:


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