Midtronics and Ultra Electronics Partner for Military Battery Monitoring

WILLOWBROOK, Ill.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Midtronics Inc. and Ultra Electronics of Cheltenham, England have signed a license agreement that will integrate Midtronics patented inGEN technology into military battery monitoring systems made by Ultra Electronics’ Electrics Division.

According to Midtronics, the use of inGEN technology in today's military vehicles will greatly enhance mission capability. With the increased power demands on these vehicles, including the need to operate under silent watch conditions, vehicle operators need critical battery information to perform their duties safely. This patented microprocessor sensor continually monitors the battery, providing state-of-the-art measurement and diagnostic capability to accurately calculate the battery's power and charge potential.

"The benefits of inGEN technology in military applications are far reaching and can ultimately assure battery charge and may actually save lives in tactical applications", said Wim Koster, Vice President, Strategic Technologies,

Midtronics is focused on the development and marketing of technologies for battery management. With a history of battery-related research, Midtronics' patented technologies have been tailored for a variety of applications, including transportation (automotive, heavy-duty trucking, off-road), stationary and motive power, and military use.


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