Microstar's DAPserver 200 Handles 32 Strain Gauge Signals

Bellevue, WA, -- Microstar Laboratories Inc., maker of Data Acquisition Processor (DAP) boards and systems, announced a network-ready single-box DAPserver 200 system that conditions, acquires, and logs signals from up to 32 strain gauges. For 32 channels, the total cost per channel—except for the cost of a strain gauge—comes to under $350, all hardware and software included. This system can sustain a throughput of 10 Ksps per channel on all channels, and it samples all channels simultaneously. The system can process acquired data in real time as needed, as well as log raw or processed data to disk, and it can output control signals.

DAPserver 200 packaging includes handles and mounting hardware for standard 19-inch industrial racks. Its main chassis of 16 gauge stainless steel gives you an industrial-grade instrument far stronger and more durable than industrial PCs made of 22 gauge sheet metal. You can extend a single DAPserver system with an additional rack-mountable industrial enclosure to handle applications with up to 112 strain gauges. For 112 channels, the cost per channel comes down below $250. All systems include hardware and software for networking, and you can control them from any PC on the network.

For larger applications, additional synchronization hardware and software lets you integrate all your data acquisition into a single synchronized network of multiple DAPservers that can sample several hundred channels simultaneously.

Sensor Support
Factory-installed interfaces provide analog signal conditioning for strain gauges. They support quarter-bridge, half-bridge, and full-bridge sensors, with voltage excitation, gain, simultaneous sampling, and voltage sense feedback. You can specify gains of 20, 40, 100, 200, 500, and 1000. On each board, eight 8-wire connectors, one for each sensor, support a wide variety of connections with two to six wires per sensor. You supply bridge completion resistors, and place them on small quick-swap daughterboards. As with other Microstar Laboratories sensor interfaces, another daughterboard option provides an analog anti-alias filter for each channel.

You now can buy a single-box DAPserver 200 system that includes all hardware and software required to condition, acquire, and log to disk the signals from up to 32 strain gauges. The system samples all channels simultaneously.

You can connect the DAPserver to a network and control it from anywhere. Or you can add a mouse, keyboard, and monitor to control it locally. For applications with more channels, you can scale up the system and lower the cost per channel. For 32 channels, the total cost per channel—except for the cost of a strain gauge—comes to under $350, all hardware and software included. You can order a DAPserver 200 system today for immediate delivery. Contact Microstar Laboratories for more details.

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