Microsemi Introduces Radiation Tolerant Telemetry Controller IC

The LX7730 Space System Manager IC Provides Key Functions for Sensor Monitoring, Attitude and Payload Control

ALISO VIEJO, CA -- Microsemi Corporation unveils the first member of its new radiation tolerant Space System Manager (SSM) family of special purpose mixed signal devices, the LX7730 telemetry controller integrated circuit. The LX7730 integrates the required functions in satellite telemetry systems and interfaces with radiation tolerant FPGAs such as those offered in Microsemi's portfolio of FPGA solutions.

Microsemi's new radiation tolerant telemetry controller supports parallel or dual SPI interfaces and provides cold sparing. Other key features include a 64 channel multiplexer, break-before-make switching and a precision adjustable current source. The new IC is radiation tolerant to a minimum of 100kRad TID, 50kRad ELDRs, and is single event immune. The LX7730, packaged in a 132 pin ceramic quad flat package, is designed for use in rugged environments and operates over a -55 degrees C to 125 degrees C temperature range.

"Our goal is to leverage over five decades of Microsemi's space heritage and provide our customers with innovative space system solutions solving application specific challenges," said Dorian Johnson, marketing manager, high-reliability ICs at Microsemi. "An ongoing challenge in the satellite market is to reduce weight and board space and to increase reliability. Microsemi's LX7730 offers space system architects and designers the highest level of integration for telemetry applications available today to address their increasing needs and requirements."

"We expect 1,500 new spacecraft of 50Kg mass or larger to be launched within the next 10 years," said Marco Caceres, senior analyst and director of space studies for the Virginia-based Teal Group consulting firm. "This represents 25 percent growth in the number of spacecraft in this mass category over the preceding 10 years. These satellites have stringent requirements to reduce weight and real estate that are addressed by Microsemi's SSM solution."

With one of the industry's most comprehensive portfolios of space products, Microsemi provides radiation tolerant FPGAs, rad-hard mixed-signal ICs, rad-hard DC-to-DC converters, precision time and frequency solutions, linear and POL hybrids, custom hybrid solutions, and rad-hard discretes including the broadest portfolio of JANS Class diodes and bipolar products. Microsemi is committed to supporting its products throughout the lifetime of our customer programs.

About the Space Systems Manager LX7730

Radiation tolerance:
• Minimum total ionization dose (TID) tolerance of 100kRad
• Minimum extended low dose radiation (ELDR) tolerance of 50kRad
• Single event latch-up (SEL) immunity

Other features:
• 64 single-ended or 32 differential channel MUX with 12bit ADC
• 8x8 input simultaneous threshold monitor
• Voltage and de-multiplexer current references
• 8 x bi-level logic
• 10 bit digital to analog converter (DAC)
• Support for parallel or dual SPI interfaces

The LX7730 is sampling now, with production in CQ4 2015.

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